Slogan tee ❤️

Lately I have been in love with slogan tees. They dont just bring the quirk in me but are a strong message to the world out there. Wear them tucked in or cropped. Pair them with those faded shorts, favorite pair of converse and run out and see the world 😉


Flea Market Style

So you have a flea market today. Lets take out that short shorts, that embroidered top and that croquet work cape. Now pair them with oversized sunglasses and oversized bags to store all yout super finds. Work them with a pair of converse for walking that extra mile. 

We are all set to go. 

Summer is finally here


The SUMMER is finally here. Its hot, its humid and all kinds of miserable esp. if you live in India. To bear this heat, traditionally we all move to more cotton wear. I am very much in favour of bringing back the shorts. Pair your favourite piece of shorts with a orange hued top and your pick of the sunglasses and you are ready to step out in the sun.