Sunday Maxis

There is nothing more fun that a relaxed sunday brunch with family. To beat this heat try the maxi shirt dress belted and casual. Fits a day out or a day in time playing those boardgames. 


Print on print

Wearing multiple prints is always a challenge esp. with an indian full figure. The best way is to keep it simple and work with basic colors. Try a stripe tee with a floral skirt – a combination that cannot go wrong for anybody. 

Wide leg Wide eyed

Its a difficult trend to crack and doesnot suit all body types esp. indian body types. For starters try a smaller wide leg trouser esp in dark blue color. Pair it with a nautical inspired striped tee with a red shrug. Wear your favorite converse and we are good to go. 

It will suit almost all body types and you could add your own spin to the top by preferring your body appropriate fit or neck.